Established in 2004, Afterlife Funerals is an independent family owned funeral service provider. All our clients are welcomed as family and your needs are fulfilled with dignity. At Afterlife Funeralsyou get to deal with the owners and our wonderful, caring staff.

We strive towards knowing that your wishes can and will be carried out as requested. 
The vision behind Afterlife Funerals was to create a new style and more welcoming approach to the public eye.

Our pricing at Afterlife Funerals is amongst the
lowest in the industry, and if you have a better price
in writing, we would be happy to match or better it without compromising our great service. Our staff have been trained in various fields and have the passion to excel, making you feel welcomed.

Our Services

Operating 24/7 - 365 days a year since 2004

We understand that the passing of a loved family member or friend is a very difficult time for those who are left to cope with the loss.


Afterlife Funerals are here to help and can provide you an individual tailored funeral to suit your budget, religion, culture and nationality Arrangements can be carried out in the privacy of your own home, or via phone/email correspondence..


All of our pricing is fully disclosed and inclusive of GST. Part of our vision at Afterlife Funerals is to give an honest and direct price to our clients for the services offered. Payments are required in cleared funds 24 hours prior to any service.


We accept Cash, Direct Deposit, Visa*, MasterCard* and AMEX*. (Credit cards incur a 3% surchange) Call today for an estimate and be surprised that a funeral is more affordable than you think.

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